Our Shop: Dearly Loved Greetings


The idea to raise funds through the sale of hand-made/drawn items and greeting cards featuring my photos, started off mostly as a little dream. I don’t have any design or photography experience or training, but I do LOVE taking pictures and I LOVE beautifully designed stationary. I will go gaga over a pretty journal and do heart cart-wheels when I come across a sweet set of lovely cards. I can’t contain myself. I can’t. And so after a small dive into postcard design, I thought greeting cards would be a nice addition, a fun challenge. That challenge has led to other dreams…oh boy! But what are dreams without a chance to make them come true, right!!??? So in this slow, amateur, but heart-felt road to bigger dreams, I want to thank you for taking a peek at our items and for giving our items a chance, for braving making a donation to our cause with the purchase of one of our “dream” items. Our current items are displayed in our Dearly Loved Greetings section. But yes, there is more to come! Hope you will find something you like, something sweet to do cart-wheels over, or to heartedly gift! Please visit often!

Thank you, in advance for your support!  Your support encourages us greatly!


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