Happy 2015-2016 School Year!


Our students are off to another year of learning and growing! We are sending out our best to every student, their families and their teachers.  In so doing, we cannot ignore that many are taking stake in the awesomeness that happens every day.  So as we focus on our children and attempt to polish their gifts and talents, may all of you find encouragement and fulfillment in this grander than grand, day in, day out effort.  May you look forward to the memories that will be made and milestones that will be reached.  May you remain hopeful in that every step is a step taken forward, that every challenge presents only to be conquered, that achievements are the result of hard work and a little-by-little approach. Our children need us to be present, but mostly to encourage them.  Let’s be the ones to tell them that they can, that they are able. Let’s tell them that what they learn today is theirs forever, that what they learn today cannot be taken away, that it is theirs to keep to turn into an interest, a polished gift, or a dream come true! Have a great year, dear friends!!

Let’s encourage!


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