Every Child is “Full of Greatness”

Dear friends, I came upon this blog entry this morning: The First Question This Teacher Asks Her Kindergarteners Every Morning Is Heartbreaking and was immediately drawn to its message. Angel’s Buddies wants to help spread the message that many of the children in this country live in poverty. Perhaps we do not see it on a daily basis; perhaps it is not evident in our culture. But poverty exists and kids do lack: sometimes food, sometimes clean clothes, sometimes an encouraging word.

Please take some time to read it and, also, to visit the organization highlighted at the end of her entry: Donors Choose.org. We love this organization! Their work in helping our teachers around the nation is more than inspiring. Our teachers need us. But, our kids need us most! Let’s encourage our kids and help them find the fullness of their potential. Let them hear what an awesome job they are doing and yes, let them know that you see beyond the broken pieces that may be inhibiting their emotional and physical growth, confidence and energy. They are our future and they are great! Yes, every child is “full of greatness”.


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