More Thanks!!!

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Just a few hours before Thanksgiving Day, I sit here, grateful. Yes, I’m thinking of you. On behalf of Angel’s Buddies, I am sending a warm-hearted smile to all, especially our supporters, friends, and family who have made our efforts a little lighter, who have lifted us up, simply, by knowing you! So yes, you are in our hearts and minds today. As the holiday season officially kicks off tomorrow, we know that your loved ones will be close to heart as well. May we add a few members to that loving circle you already hold near and dear?

Childhood poverty is close to our hearts. Twenty-two percent of America’s children live in poverty. We are encouraged that we live in a society that embraces reaching out to those in need. With that said, there are many organizations, charities, and efforts already at work. All we have to do is look for an opportunity to help. Will you think of those in need and embrace them during this time too? I’d like to highlight a few ways to do just that:

1. No Kid Hungry

This organization provides kids in need with access to nutritious food and teaches their family about how to cook healthy and affordable meals. They have  several programs and initiatives. Their Gifts that Give initiative might be one to keep in mind this holiday season or year round, especially since gift giving opportunities are never out of season.

2. Volunteer Match

If you are inclined to give of your time and talents and don’t know where or how to help, this organization is the way to start. Volunteer Match pairs up  volunteers with nonprofits that need help. How neat is that?!

3. Your own neighbors, your own neighborhood

Angel’s Buddies is committed to promoting community, building an awareness of the power of communities stepping in to help those in need. The reality of hunger may be one family’s struggle. A child diagnosed with a chronic, terminal illness may be another’s.  One because of the latter may be the case for another family.  These experiences are tough and sad.  The help and the hope that comes from a neighbor knocking on a family’s door to check on them is a beautiful tale to be told! Reach out.  Let’s encourage!!!


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