The school year is well on its way and children everywhere are starting to see the fruit of their labor- report cards are trickling in! It’s been a long time since we (at Angel’s Buddies) have personally received one, but we remember those days!

A child’s life is full of learning opportunities, growing, and discovery. If we add social issues into the mix, such as poverty, hunger, and/or illness, then we might be cautious in thinking that good grades are a child’s ultimate aim. But yes, in some children, a numerical grade might serve that purpose and turn into a steady drive to work hard for something that is within their control, serve as a reminder that they are on the right track. And sometimes, independent of what grades have been achieved, an unforeseen “Great job!”, “Awesome work!”, or “You go it!”, may serve as a life-changing phrase. Yes, one time might be enough for a child with great need. As our children continue on their journey, as they keep on their unique road of limitless personal potential, may we remember that each one of their steps is only a piece to their own lifetime puzzle. Sometimes it is good to remember that each child is unique and that the struggles they face may be deeper than what a report card tell.  Let’s encourage!


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