Dearly Loved Greetings: Our Shop

Hi friends! Welcome to our Dearly Loved Greetings Shop information page! We are thrilled to share some of the items we sell to benefit our charity. This endeavor serves several purposes:

1) we hope that you will like our items for yourself or to gift to someone else (*** ultimately helping us to pass on some encouragement***);

2) raise funds for our back-to-school backpack/supplies project, our post-card project, and our end-of-year book donations;

3) this is a personal challenge and treat to myself, as I LOVE taking photos, stationary and art (all items you find on this page have been designed with my photographs or hand-drawn designs).

You can order directly from this site by sending us an e-mail, leaving a comment below OR placing your order at our Dearly Loved Greetings Etsy shop (disclaimer: you might find other fun items there!).

Thank you, friends!! You have been incredibly supportive. This project is slowly morphing into a blessing only God could have foreseen and we move forward with the intention of taking it a far as He pleases.  It is our hope that we can continue to pass on encouragement and hope to children in schools and communities with few economic resources.





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