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Recent data about the state of our country has brought to the forefront alarming statistics on poverty and education in America. Twenty-two percent of children in the United States are living in poverty. Poverty in itself not only affects daily life, but is a predictor for poor health and negative long-term effects such as higher drop-out rates and lower wages as adults.

Angel’s Buddies aims to reach out to public school children in low economic areas.  It is our aim to bring light to poverty’s prominence and it’s challenges, increase awareness of it’s negative consequences, particularly on how social circumstances affect educational and life outcomes. We aim to acknowledge the state at which many children find themselves, yet seek to foster positive and up-lifting interventions delivered to the positive systems already in place, our schools. The aim is to support and encourage children’s educational journeys, and highlight the joys and triumphs of their academic achievement.

The negative effects of poverty are prominent. Visit the following links to learn more about the state of our nation’s children: